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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 1359 times)

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Forum Rules
« on: November 10, 2015, 10:11:43 pm »
We don't really want to overdo the rules, we want this to be a friendly place to chat, as well as not replacing the main Coeliac Sanctuary website, this is basically the Coeliac's Coffee Lounge! Please stick to our few rules please, Admins and Moderators will not hesitate to warn people who don't stick to them, we'll tell you more about the warning system in a moment but first the important part, the rules.

  • We ask that you be kind and empathetic towards everyone. Rudeness, bullying, trolling or any other form or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, depending on how "bad" we deem the behaviour to be will depend whether you are warned or immediately banned from the forum.
  • We don't mind recipes but obviously we don't want them to overtake the forum as draw away from Coeliac Sanctuary's recipes so we ask that you post them sparingly. Slimming World and Weight Watchers recipes are allowed in their respective forums.
  • We don't mind a bit of advertising put PLEASE don't go overboard and sell your product everywhere. If you own a gluten free company feel free to post a thread about it in the products forum and we will also, eventually, get them listed in Coeliac Sanctuarys product guide so everyone can browse through the various product categories and find where to buy etc
  • When it comes to places to eat we are really trialing what to do with it, we have an extensive list on the site and we don't want the forum replacing it so we would like to ask you not to request places to eat, if you do you will be pointed to the places to eat guide and your thread closed. If you know of any places to eat that we can add to the site feel free to drop a thread about it and we will add it to the places to eat section in due course.
  • As we don't want Coeliac Sanctuary reviews overrode by other peoples we only allow reviews once you have 50 posts, reviews forum is the only place we allow photo uploads to conserve server space. We are unsure whether this section will be staying yet.
  • If you wish to upload photos to any forum other than reviews please use imgur, photobucket or a similar service to upload then either embed or post the URL to the image.

If you are unfortunate enough to get warned we give two levels of warning depending on the severity of the breach.
  • We won't issue any warnings unless you have three minor breaches such as always asking for places to eat or too much selling of a product. If you don't take heed of our "written" warnings you will be issued a 10% warn.
  • Major breaches will vary depending on what you did and what administrators and moderators agree you deserve to be issued, this could vary anywhere from 20% to 100% warn.
  • If you hit a 60% warn level you will be able to view the forums but unable to post on it.
  • If you are unlucky enough to be issued a 100% warn you will automatically be banned from the site as you obviously hit a severe breach, such as posting pornography, hacking etc
  • If you hit a warn level of 30% you will be placed in a administrator watch list so we can keep a close eye on you
  • Warn levels will decrease by 5% per day, so if you are issued a 10% warn level for a minor breach you will be back to 0 in 2 days. Administrators and moderators are able to prematurely decrease warn levels but this will only happen under special circumstances.
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