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Author Topic: Is It Me?  (Read 499 times)

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Is It Me?
« on: March 22, 2018, 10:15:13 am »
We shortly fly out to Tenerife for a much needed holiday.  As usual, I was browsing for any updates on where we can get gluten free fare for my wife.  Having researched our destination I turned my attention to the airports.  From my previous post you will see that Bristol Airport has taken a small step in the right direction, although the food on offer is "subject to availability" and most likely to be priced the same as normal meals even though items are removed.  My wife is still intending to take her own snacks.  However, at least there is now some information available - why don't other airports take this up and run with it?  It's not rocket science!

However, turning my attention to Tenerife South, as I expected, there was nothing to guide me.  We have free membership of the Priority Pass airport lounge scheme (you still pay to enter the lounges though) but reviews of the lounge are not good - they don't encourage us to give it a try.

But, hey!  What's this?!  I spot a site previously unknown to me: GlutenAirports.com - wow, that's new and potentially useful!  I take a look.  There are loads of links to airports across the UK and worldwide, with food establishments listed in a nicely presented table for each.  There are even descriptions - great!  But wait!  There is not a SINGLE reference to gluten free...anywhere!  What the?  Is it me but...?

What a waste of my time!  Disappointed yet again.

My wife will be taking her own GF food to the airports and doubtless we will eat before leaving for our return journey.  Why give 'em our custom if they don't care enough to bother?